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Welcome to the Harry J. Epstein Co.
Our business is split into two sections.

Closeouts are liquidation deals, overstocks, discontinued items. Most of the tools in this section are priced below what a dealer would normally pay. Once they are gone, they are gone.

The catalog contains all the tools we buy directly from the manufacturer. These are industrial quality tools sold at wholesale pricing. Almost all of our sockets, wrenches, pliers in this section are USA made.
We serve a variety of customers all over the world.
Do you just want to buy one hammer? We'll sell you one hammer, and you'll still get our catalog price. Live in England, Canada, Thailand? No probelm We ship all over the world.
We take care of manufacturers, construction companies, repair shops, trade schools, mechanics, any kind of industry that has a demand for quantity & a respect for quality tools. Already have an account? Our shopping cart accepts PO#'s.
If you own a store, have a truck route, sell to the government or sell on ebay, please call us before ordering to talk about our dealer pricing program.

Did you ever wonder what happens to your Epstein's order after you click "purchase"?
Here's a video that shows a day in the life of an Epstein's order.