4 lbs. - 15

4 lbs. - 15" Length Engineer Hammer Wood Handle (9049WR)

Garland #3 Dead Blow Hammer (40003)

Garland #3 Dead Blow Hammer (40003)

1 lb Bronze ABC Hammer (ABC1BZW)

ABC Hammers - Made in the USA

1 lb Bronze ABC Hammer
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What you see here is a 1 pound bronze ABC hammer with a Tennessee hickory handle. Bronze is slightly softer than brass and is used when surface protection is critical. Bronze hammers will not mar harder metals and are safe for industries that require non-sparking tools. The handles are fire finished, lacquered and partially dipped in a non-slip grip. The wedge used to attach the head to the handle is made of brass and is the heaviest duty wedge I've ever seen. Handle is 10 1/2" long. 1" hammer head diameter. - 1 lb Bronze ABC Hammer
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Country of Origin United States
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