24" PEC Flex Rule (32nd/64ths & .5MM/MM) (24-PEC-F)

PEC 12

PEC 12" Semi-Flex Rule Stainless (32nds/64ths & 8ths/16ths) (PEC-12-3264-816-SS)

24" PEC Flex Rule (10ths/100ths & .5MM/MM) (PEC-24-FT)

PEC - Made in the USA

24" PEC Flex Rule (10ths/100ths & .5MM/MM)
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10ths and 100ths on one side. .5MM and MM on the other. 3/4" wide. These rules are 2nds from PEC. They have a cosmetic blemish that does not effect the accuracy of the rule. They are all marked with a grind mark to distinguish them as seconds.
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Country of Origin United States
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