The Daily Dispatch : News from the Basement of the Tool Business

  1. Channellok's New Locking Pliers


    Just heard that Channellock's going to come out with a locking pliers line (made in Spain by Grip-On). 

    Wish they would've bought the Malco plant and had a US offering, but we'll give these a shot

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  2. Happy Epstein's Day Everyone! (and fourth of July)

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  3. WWII Surplus Deal - Ebay Listings



    So we've posted most of the WWII Surplus that we hauled out of the warehouse here. 

    There are some 1's and 2's that we aren't going to post on our webiste and will post directly to eBay.

    NOS Fairmount Spark Plug Wrench for a Willys Jeep.

    NOS Walden 1/2" Drive 12" Breaker Bar

    NOS Herbrand 1/2" Drive 12" Breaker Bar

    NOS Chester B. Brown Beans Co. 6 1/2" Slip Joint Pliers

    NOS Armstrong XX-110 WWII Era Extension

    NOS WWII Era Snatch Block

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  4. The Basement of the Tool Business - Our Video Collection

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  5. Pratt and Read is closing for good

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  6. The Jig is Up



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  7. SK is moving to Pennsylvania

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  8. Ebay Bargain Bin Basement Deals



    We decided to throw some 1's and 2's we have lying around on Ebay. These are items we don't want to take the time to put in our catalog and have somehow ended up on our shelf. Where did they come from? Who knows. But we are eager to get them out the door. If you don't want to go through Ebay just give us a call and if they're still available we can add them on to your Epstein's order.


    Check out our store here.

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  9. Has SK been bought by a Chinese company?


    My dad and I discuss the rumors that SK has been bought by Great Star, consider the possibilities of what that means and then meander into talking about Epstein's Day, all the while being interrupted with phone calls and my mom.

    If you are interested in Garage Journal you can check out the Epstein's Day thread here:

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  10. New Liquidation Deal Part 2

    Got in the second part of a liquidation deal yesterday. Just had time to unload the truck, peek through some boxes and get everything in the warehouse.

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