The Harry J. Epstein Co participated in the first annual “Main Street Day”. We pulled a bunch of the big cardboard boxes out of the warehouse and lined them up on the street. Kids, teenagers and adults stopped by to help us paint, as well as carve a tunnel through the middle of the boxes with utility knives. It was 100 degrees that day, but the only one’s who seemed to notice where the adults. Enjoy the pics!


For Epstein’s Day this year we had a very special guest “box artist”, KC’s very own Charlie Mylie.


(I realize that the above sentence requires quite a bit of explanation, so here is a FAQ that should answer any questions:)

What is Epstein’s Day?  Tell me. I want to know!
What is box art?  (Check it out on the website, silly.)
What is KC?  I don’t know what this means.
Who is Charlie Mylie?  Who?

In honor of another successful Epstein’s Day, as well as having our first guest box artist, I’m posting some of my favorite box art requests in no particular order.

Thanks Charlie and thanks to everyone that participated in Epstein’s Day!



Whenever I hear a commentator on television talk about the internet, there is always this overriding message that technology is isolating us, that it is fragmenting relationships, and that if we all continue down this path, we will eventually end up alone in a room with just our computer. Well, &#*$@ those guys. What do they know. I just drew a picture of two hammers fighting to the death for my friend Jeff who I’ve never even met before.

I talk to guys all over the world about American made tools. We are just a small tool store in downtown Kansas City and we have regular customers in Thailand! THAILAND!


Ok. I just had a little too much coffee. Moving on. I would like to reiterate that if you place an order that you to can request “box art”. No extra charge. Just be sure when you receive the package to hang the picture in your living room above the fireplace and stare at it every night. Besides that, it’s completely free!