20 Piece USA Craftsman Punch and Chisel Set



Closeout deal on these old stock USA Craftsman punches and chisels. $48.00. Set includes:

  • #42971 1/4″ Cold Chisel
  • #42973 1/2″ Cold Chisel
  • #42974 5/8″ Cold Chisel
  • #42975 3/4″ Cold Chisel
  • #42976 7/8″ Cold Chisel
  • #42862 1/2″ Center Punch
  • #42841 3/8″ Prick Punch
  • #42905 1/8″ Taper Punch
  • #42882 3/32″ Pin Punch
  • #42885 3/16″ Pin Punch
  • #42886 1/4″ Pin Punch
  • #42212 1/8″ Roll Pin Punch
  • #42213 5/32″ Roll Pin Punch
  • #42215 7/32″ Roll Pin Punch
  • #42217 1/4″ Roll Pin Punch
  • #42218 5/16″ Roll Pin Punch
  • #42219 5/32″ Long Pin Punch
  • #42220 3/16″ Long Pin Punch
  • #42221 7/32″ Long Pin Punch
  • #42222 1/4″ Long Pin Punch
  • Heavy duty US Made Canvas Tool Roll

We’re also selling the US (Missouri made) heavy duty 15 oz. canvas tool roll separately. Nylon stitched and bonded for various sized punches and chisels. $15.00

Genuine Novaculite Arkansas Whetstones


Closeout on Genuine Novaculite Arkansas Whetstones

Soft, hard, black, white, translucent, pocket and box. We got a deal in on all the differing varieties of Arkansas stones. Most come in a nice wood box and in a variety of sizes (6″, 8″, 10″). This is a liquidation deal so no telling how long they’ll last.

USA NOS Craftsman -V- & Westcraft Wrenches


Just added these NOS Craftsman Wrench Sets and Westcraft (Western Auto) Box End Wrench Sets. Most likely 30 to 40 years old. Brand new in original packaging.

USA NOS Petersen Dewitt Vise-Grips

NOS Petersen Vise Grips

Just got in a small haul of The Original NOS Petersen Vise-grips. Most of them are still in the original boxes. They are all stamped “Petersen” as well as “Dewitt Nebraska”. The real deal. Check them out in the newly formed “Petersen Mfg. Co.” section of our website.

Christmas Grappling Hooks

You might think that when Santa arrives this year he is going to be delicately dropped on your roof by his eight flying reindeer.  Stepping out of his sleigh, he will gingerly tip toe his way to your chimney where he will slide down and land gracefully into your living room.  A plate of cookies will be there which he will promptly eat.  He will rest for awhile in a large comfy sofa chair and relax, as he sips his milk and reflects on the finer points of the Christmas season.  After checking his watch and realizing he has another 3 or 4 billion houses to visit, he will sprinkle some magic dust on himself so he floats back up the chimney, back outside, into the cold night air and off to the next house to repeat this familiar routine again.

Well, I’ve got news for you.  If you believe this ridiculous story, you are sadly mistaken.

Santa is not magic at all.  He isn’t transported by flying reindeer.  He doesn’t have a sleigh and he doesn’t want your milk and cookies.  It’s actually rather hard to get onto someone’s roof without a ladder.  Have you ever tried scaling your house from the ground?  It sucks.  That’s why this year, don’t leave Santa some stale cookies and milk that’s been sitting out for far too long.  Get Santa a gift he will actually use, a black carbon steel collapsible grappling hook.

The 800 lb weight rating on this grappling hook will be more than enough to hoist Santa and all his presents up the side of your house and into an open window or sometimes as a last resort, a chimney, that hopefully has not been sealed up due to the large amounts of creosote that have built up over the years.

The generous 33′ feet of nylon rope will give Santa plenty of length as he swings the ninja-like grappling hook over his head preparing to scale another three story monstrosity of aluminum siding.

Best of all, after he is finished, this four talon hook will collapse nicely into the glove compartment of his 96′ Pontiac Grand Am.  No fuss.  No muss.  Santa will thank you.  Your children will thank you.  Your aluminum siding will thank you.

This season, forget the milk and cookies.  Forget the stocking stuffers.  Forget the greeting cards.  Give the gift that keeps on giving.  Give the gift of grappling.