Angels Gate 3″ EDC Knife w/ Kydex Sheath by Jesse Small

Angels Gate 3″ EDC Knife by Jesse Small

Recently Epstein’s has partnered with a number of small US manufacturers to bring you some unique American made products. We released a line of axe, hatchet and hammer collars last week and this week we have a 3″ EDC Knife made and designed by Jesse Small, a local Kansas City sculptor and artist that now lives and works in Los Angeles.

This Angels Gate knife is made out of 100% 304 Stainless Steel. Minimal tanto blade design for easy sharpening. Remove handle plates for a skeletal knife. Sheath still works in its bare bones form. Make a breaker tool from the two handles. Leave the sheath on for a nonlethal self defense/enforcement tool. Breaker in the base is always accessible.

Each knife has its own serial number marked 001-080 and each package comes autographed by Jesse. Most USA custom knives start at $200 to $300. From the beginning it was important to us to be able to offer a knife that most people could afford, which is why we are very happy to be selling this 3″ EDC knife for $58.50. Expect to see more products from Angels Gate, as Jesse has a lot more interesting ideas on the way, mods that you can add on to this knife as well as other sizes and styles.

USA Leather Collar Special for Hatchets, Axes & Hammers

In celebration of our new USA Leather Overstrike Collars that fit on hammers, hatchets and axes, we are offering them free with these select items:

Velvicut 4 LB Premium Felling Axe with Sheath & Axe Collar

Velvicut 2.25 LB Premium Axe w/ Sheath & Axe Collar

Velvicut Hudson Bay Axe 19″ Handle w/ Sheath & Axe Collar

Council Tool 24″ WoodCraft Pack Axe w/ Sheath & Collar

Council Tool 19″ WoodCraft Pack Axe w/ Sheath & Leather Collar

Warwood 4 LB Cross Pein Sledge Hammer w/ Leather Collar

4 LB Warwood Single Face Spalling Hammer w/ Leather Collar

4 LB Warwood Double Face Striking Hammer w/ Leather Collar

Grayvik USA Rigbuilder Hatchet w/ Leather Collar

Grayvik USA Standard Half Hatchet w/ Leather Collar

23 oz AE Mill Face Rip Hammer w/ Leather Collar

20 oz USA Mill Face Long Rip Hammer w/ Leather Collar

24 oz Mill Face Rip Hammer w/ Leather Collar


US Made Top Grain Axe and Hammer Collars

US Made Top Grain Leather Hammer Collar w/ Eyelets & Laces

We’ve always loved buying tools from smaller US manufacturers, but lately we’ve been going one step further and working with them to design new products. Which brings us to The Hammer Collar. We were working on a prototype of an Axe Collar when Ruby (my girlfriend) threw out the idea for making the same kind of guard protection for a hammer.

We sell a lot of wooden handled hammers since a lot of guys prefer them to the all steel hammers that do a number on your elbow. Also hammers seem to be getting more expensive and fancier (Titanium, Hardcore Hammer) so we sent the idea down to Bob (our leatherworker friend in Southern Missouri) and he came up with this sweet but simple design.

All top grain leather, grommets and boot lace. That’s it. This hammer collar protects your wood handle from overstrikes, softening the blow, and simultaneously makes you look cool (and responsible) for taking care of your tools, and undoubtedly the leather will take on a great patina as well. Fits on most hammer handles, and for $5.95, you can protect your hammer, support small US manufacturing and get a new product we think will make your life just a little bit easier. Try it out and let us know what you think. Send us pics after awhile of how it holds up and we’ll be sure to post them online.

US Made Top Grain Leather Axe Collar w/ Eyelets & Laces

And of course we also made the more traditional Axe Collar. You can protect your straight grain fancy axe handle or that axe you found in your dad’s garage that you have a more sentimental attachment to. Fits snuggly around the handle. Pull the laces tight, tie a knot and that’s it. $9.95

USA Leather Sheath for Green River Insulation Knife

USA Leather Sheath for Green River Insulation Knife

Insulators! Stop carrying your Green River knife blade-up sticking out your pants pocket! Harry Epstein’s is proud to announce our very own top grain leather sheath specifically formed to the Green River Knife. Made right here in southern Missouri. Hangs low for easy access. 2 1/2″ belt loop and metal clip. $10.00

C.H. Hanson USA Spring Hand Clamps

Ever since Jorgensen aka Pony aka Adjustable clamp went out of business we’ve been without a US made spring clamp…until now! C.H. Hanson just released their own US made version in 1” and 2”. Only thing different seems to be the color.

DishRex US Made Stainless Steel Dish Rack

US Made Stainless Steel Dish Rack

Long time customer and sculptor Jesse Small designed this gorgeous built-to-withstand-nuclear-war stainless steel dish rack. You could wash your sledge hammers and set them to dry on this thing it’s so well built. Comes in two sizes (Medium & Large) Laser cut from stainless steel plate and then tig welded in 30 places for lifetime durability. The only US made dish rack in existence (as far as we can tell). Pick yours up today and never buy another one as long as you live.

Kant-Twist USA Clamps

Kant-Twist USA Clamps

Just in! New Kant-Twist USA made clamps. From 1″ to 6″. Clamping capacities range from 350 to 2,000 lbs. Features include:

  • Multi-purpose clamps combine the best features of ordinary “C” and parallel clamps.
  • Free-floating jaws adjust to un-parallel surfaces.
  • Will not “walk off-center” when pressure is applied against jaw, because there is no 
    unsupported screw or loose pad.
  • All clamps are of rugged construction.
  • Provides new freedom of movement. Eliminates distorting and twisting action of 
    conventional clamps. Plus, it provides three different gripping surfaces.
  • Copper plated jaws and screws are ideal for welding.
  • Kant-Twist clamps weigh approximately half as much as comparable “C” clamps.

New Wilde Pry Bars with Metal End Caps

New Wilde Pry Bar with Metal End CapNew Wilde Pry Bars
w/ Metal End Caps

Wilde’s famous pry bars are now being offered with a metal end cap. So far we’ve got them in four different sizes. Priced not much more than their regular pry bars.

New 6 Piece Wilde Pry Bar Rack


Also a local company here in KC is making these awesome metal Wilde pry bar racks. Fits all sizes of their pry bars.



SK #80200 3/8″ Drive 90 Tooth 8″ Teardrop Low Profile LP90 Ratchet

At long last SK’s new teardrop ratchets have arrived. Here’s the run down:

  • #80200 SK Tool 3/8″ Drive Teardrop 8″ Low Profile LP90 Ratchet
  • 4 degree arc swing
  • Thinner head allows easy access in the tigethest spaces
  • Quick change lever – effortlessly change drive direction
  • Proudly made with US steel, components, labor, design and engineering.
  • Re-Designed Ergonomic handle – contour handle allows multiple grip positions.
  • 90 Tooth ratchet mechanism
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Full polish chrome

Council Tool Velvicut Premium Saddle Axe #JP20-2SA16

Velvicut Premium Saddle Axe

The New Saddle Axe from Council Tool Co.
is a traditional Velvicut® Premium US Made Axe pattern.

Drop forged from 5160 steel, known for its superior characteristics and blade retention.  This axe is a beautiful axe, however it was designed and manufactured for work.  It has been heat treated, tempered and crafted with a distinctive flat grind on each blade for maximum versatility.

This specific design is a multifunctional and packable axe pattern that received its name from being traditionally carried in a saddle bag while on horseback.  The innovative yet traditional American Pattern sports phantom bevels that greatly reduce surface friction and bite deeper than many convex bladed axes and the bevels also serve for easy removal of the axe bit after a deep cut into the wood.

The highly versatile Saddle Axe design has the extremely sharp 25 degree flat grind on the left blade for cutting, shaving, and carving and a more robust 32 degree flat grind on the right blade for notching, splitting and heavier jobs.  All combine to make a very well designed, versatile and useful axe.

All Velvicut Saddle Axes come with a fine leather double bit blade cover.