US Made Top Grain Axe and Hammer Collars

US Made Top Grain Leather Hammer Collar w/ Eyelets & Laces

We’ve always loved buying tools from smaller US manufacturers, but lately we’ve been going one step further and working with them to design new products. Which brings us to The Hammer Collar. We were working on a prototype of an Axe Collar when Ruby (my girlfriend) threw out the idea for making the same kind of guard protection for a hammer.

We sell a lot of wooden handled hammers since a lot of guys prefer them to the all steel hammers that do a number on your elbow. Also hammers seem to be getting more expensive and fancier (Titanium, Hardcore Hammer) so we sent the idea down to Bob (our leatherworker friend in Southern Missouri) and he came up with this sweet but simple design.

All top grain leather, grommets and boot lace. That’s it. This hammer collar protects your wood handle from overstrikes, softening the blow, and simultaneously makes you look cool (and responsible) for taking care of your tools, and undoubtedly the leather will take on a great patina as well. Fits on most hammer handles, and for $5.95, you can protect your hammer, support small US manufacturing and get a new product we think will make your life just a little bit easier. Try it out and let us know what you think. Send us pics after awhile of how it holds up and we’ll be sure to post them online.

US Made Top Grain Leather Axe Collar w/ Eyelets & Laces

And of course we also made the more traditional Axe Collar. You can protect your straight grain fancy axe handle or that axe you found in your dad’s garage that you have a more sentimental attachment to. Fits snuggly around the handle. Pull the laces tight, tie a knot and that’s it. $9.95