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1 1/4" C.S. Osborne Arch Punch (149-114) (149-114)

C.S. Osborne Open #11 Thimble 3/4

C.S. Osborne Open #11 Thimble 3/4" (510-11)

C.S. Osborne Round Knife No. 70 (no.70)

C.S. Osborne - Made in USA

C.S. Osborne Round Knife No. 70
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This round knife is made by C.S. Osborne in Newark, N.J. It measures approximately 5" across with a polished and sharpened blade. It has a wooden handle with a brass ferrule. This tool is used by leatherworkers to cut leather, including stirrup leathers, latigo, and cutting out parts of other leather projects. Some find it useful to straighten the back of a hide. It can also be used for skiving and making English points.
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Country of Origin United States
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