Diamondback 6

Diamondback 6" Tool Belt Extra Large (43" to 46") (DB1-6-BK-XL-CQ)

Diamondback 6" Tool Belt XX Large (47" to 50") (DB1-6-BK-XXL-CQ)

Diamondback - Made in the USA

Diamondback 6" Tool Belt XX Large (47" to 50")
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At the core of every Diamondback™ system is the Diamondback™ Belt. The Diamondback™ Belt provides more comfort, support and options for customization than any other product on the market. Based on a lightweight, durable design, our belt distributes weight away from your hips for years of pain-free wear.

This belt includes the suspender rings.

Note that when choosing a size, there is an additional 10-12″ of belt webbing to expand your belt for those extra winter layers. Measure your torso around the bellybutton (DO NOT USE YOUR PANTS SIZE).

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Country of Origin United States
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