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East German (Soviet era) backpack (EGPACK)

German Military - Made In Germany

East German (Soviet era) backpack (EGPACK)
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East German (Soviet era) backpack (EGPACK)

East German rucksack in Strichtarn camo.

Strichtarn is an East Germany (DDR) camouflage pattern, popularly known as Ein Strich - Kein Strich (One Stripe, No Stripe). It is formed by thin brown lines in a uniform pattern, breaking up a drab green background. It was used by the DDR from 1965 – 1990.

These rucksacks feature one large internal compartment. The material is thick, tough and water-resistant. The lid secures with three internal flaps covered by the larger opening, closed with metal buckles. The straps that secure the opening are tipped with metal for durability. Multiple rings and loops around the bag allow for further equipment to be carried.

Measuring 11.8 x 11.4 x 5.1 inch, the undivided internal space means that these bags have the potential to be stuffed to the brim. In a dashing Strichtarn finish, this rucksack will suit both DDR re-enactors and those seeking a cool, convenient, vintage day bag.

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