C.S. Osborne Line #24 (5/8

C.S. Osborne Line #24 (5/8") Nickel Plated Brass Snaps 100ct. (K4708-11-C)

C.S. Osborne #24 (5/8

C.S. Osborne #24 (5/8") Button Die Cutter Set WDIHUC242 (WDIHUC242)

4" HJE Shot Filled Leather (Map) Paper Weight (150-LW-HJE)

Leatherworks - Made in USA

4" HJE Shot Filled Leather (Map) Paper Weight
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It's a Turtle!...It's a Rock!... It's an HJE Paper weight!

Don't let it's name limit you to just paper. This 1 1/2lb. shot filled leather weight is perfect for many of your daily situations. While being handy holding down your blueprints in the field, it can also:

  • Keep you hat from blowing off the table
  • Act as a comfortable pad for your elbow while leaning 
  • Put it on your head to practice posture
  • A small bed for your favorite phone
  • Throw it at a guest who has overstayed their welcome
  • Or just keep it on your desk to confuse your coworkers

However you decide to use it you'll enjoy luxury of the leather and its ease of use with the HJE brand you can trust.

Made in Missouri

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Country of Origin United States
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