Enderes Blacksmith Tongs (G2)

Enderes Blacksmith Tongs (G2)

Piginor - Hand Trowel

Piginor - Hand Trowel

Piginor - Crevice Weeder

Piginor - Made in the USA

Piginor Gardening Tools - Made in the USA


A hand-forged weeder for those tough-to-reach spots. Built by hand outside Portland, Oregon. US-made hickory handle.

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Crevice Weeder

A hand-forged weeder for those tough-to-reach spots. Slides easily between bricks, stones, and pavers to pull weeds out by the root. The blade is intentionally left un-sharpened for this purpose--pulling out, not cutting up--saving you the trouble of weeding the re-growth.


About Piginor

The only blacksmith shop in the United States that specializes in crafting tools for gardeners, farmers, and growers of all stripes. Seth Pauley forges and hammers each tool by hand in his forge outside Portland, Oregon. 

Built with US-made hickory handles.



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