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Iron Worker's US Made Canvas Bolt Bag (n-70)

Iron Worker's US Made Canvas Bolt Bag (n-70)

US Made Leather SMOOTH Drawstring Marble Pouch (MB1)

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US Made Leather SMOOTH Drawstring Marble Pouch
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Roughly a 3 1/2" opening and about 6 3/4" long and 4 1/2" wide. The perfect pouch to put charms, crystals, magic spells, moss, seaweed, special sand, tiny twigs, dried leaves, marbles, bottle caps, eye of newt, a tiny diary, glasses, a smaller bag, little knives, your mobile phone, palo santo, scraps of leather (see our scrap leather for sale), sea air, moon beams, kleenex, those little paper balls that form in your pockets when you do laundry without cleaning out your pockets, used batteries, women things, men things, kid things, plastic dinosaurs, sage, burnt sage, burning sage, sage wrapped in sage, a "to do" list, a "things you won't do" list, a master list of all the lists you've already made, a poem, a lifetime collection of fortune cookie fortunes, fingernails, screwdriver bits, a pocket watch, pixie dust, a medium sized lemon, magic markers, stubby pens, scrabble letters, other scrap book stuff, emergency gel medium, a picture of yourself, your wedding ring, someone else's wedding ring, a whole bunch of wedding rings, hair clippings, stamps, pennies nickels and quarters, guitar strings, your electric bill, nail polish, makeup bag, breakup bag, red ribbon, spices, almonds, dental floss, your lucky onion, nail clippers, plastic paper clips, sea salt, glass cleaner, eye shadow, an emergency sandwich, matches, shot glass, skittles, grease, ear plugs, your special spoon and a camera.
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