2# Council Tool Hudson Bay 18

2# Council Tool Hudson Bay 18" Curved Wooden Handle Sport Utility Finish Camp Axe (SU20HB18C)

Velvicut 2.25 LB Premium Axe w/ Sheath & Axe Collar (JP22DV28C)

Council Tool - Made in the USA

Velvicut 2.25 LB Premium Axe w/ Sheath & Axe Collar
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Comes with leather sheath and leather axe collar.

Modeled after the well-known Boy's Axe of the US Forest Service, this beauty takes improved performance one step further. Like the Velvicut Hudson Bay, the axe is pierced with a special punch forming ribs horizontally and vertically inside the eye. Our unique upsetting technique creates more contact area and "bite" between the head to handle joint. The result? A stronger, more durable tool. The Dayton patterned head features somewhat thicker cheeks than other axes in the marketplace. Its angle is approximately 25 degrees but is slightly convex. This superlative design feature is preferred by many tool experts, including the US Forest Service.

Its profile, in conjunction with its sharpness, provides a deep bite into wood -- like American hardwoods -- without sticking. Each axe is hand-sharpened (to fit a gauge, ensuring consistency). Handle pattern features a prominent grip and a slim body that allows the handle to flex a bit, improving the ergonomics.

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