C.S. Osborne #4 Hickory Mallet (89-5-4)

C.S. Osborne #4 Hickory Mallet (89-5-4)


5/16" C.S. Osborne Arch Punch (149-516)

C.S. Osborne Rawhide 3 LB Maul (393-3)

C.S. Osborne - Made in the USA

C.S. Osborne Rawhide 3 LB Maul
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Well balanced and built to last. The water buffalo hides are uniquely treated for maximum durability and shock absorbance. Easy to handle, they strike square and deliver controlled dead blows. Used with tarp, tent, awning, canvas, sail making, tool & die shops, leather crafting, cutting dies, etc. The laminated heads are specially compressed between 2 brass flanges, connected to a lacquered oak handle by an internal solid steel rod. Diameter of head: 3 . Length of head: 1-3/4 . Overall length: 9-1/4 . Weight: 3 lbs. - C.S. Osborne Rawhide 3 LB Maul
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Country of Origin United States
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