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Kraft 1" Ornamental Trowel & Square Tool pl192 (PL192)

Piginor - Hand Hoe

Piginor - Hand Hoe

Piginor - Flat Trowel

Piginor - Made in the USA

Piginor Gardening Tools - Made in the USA

The ancestor of the modern, cupped trowel. Great for breaking hard earth and slicing and setting starters. US-made hickory handle.

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Flat Trowel

This older style of trowel is sometimes called a "Dutch Bulb Setter" and is the ancestor of the modern, cupped trowel. Earlier gardeners filched the mason's flat trowel and brought it into the garden. Today, the flat trowel is appreciated for breaking and moving hard earth. Also works for slicing and setting starter plants.

About Piginor

The only blacksmith shop in the United States that specializes in crafting tools for gardeners, farmers, and growers of all stripes. Seth Pauley forges and hammers each tool by hand in his forge outside Portland, Oregon. Built with US-made hickory handles.

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