10" Straight Jaw Eagle Grip Malco Locking Pliers (LP10R)

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Forged from American steel and manufactured in DeWitt, Nebraska, the Eagle Grip 7″ Curved Jaw Locking Pliers are designed specifically for hard-working professionals who care about their tools. These curved jaw pliers combine our signature strength and durability with versatility and full gripping power on most any shape or application. With teeth that keep their definition and resist rounding, you’ll have maximum grip strength for the life of the tool. Our curved jaw pliers also include a long-lasting precision ground wire cutter sharp enough to cut through most wires in the shop while precise enough to cut fine wire. Ideal for professionals who work with auto, welding, agriculture, or sheet metal. Use them 100 times a day, day in, day out. You’ll be worn out long before Eagle Grip.


  • Overall length of 10″
  • Jaw capacity 1-5/16″
  • Straight jaws for maximum contact on flat, square, or hex work.
  • Forged, premium alloy steel Jaws with precision sharpened teeth are heat treated for superior durability and grip over the life of the tool.
  • Patented Power Ring provides increased thread strength and overall durability of the tool
  • Larger, more comfortable hardened adjustment knob with an exclusive coating for increased lubricity and smooth operation.
  • Adjustment screw accepts a 5/16″ hex key for added versatility while adjusting clamping pressure.
  • Jaws feature sharpest teeth with best-in-class grip, durability, wear resistance, and life.
  • Classic trigger release provides maximum locking force
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Customer Reviews

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J Morfin
Great locking pliers

Awesome pliers

Great USA vice grips

Great vice grips at a discounted price. Last of the made in USA options

Get them while you can.

Great American Made product at import price. Get one of each while EJE still has them.

Scott N
Malco Eagle Grips

Great to find them still available. What are called the finest locking pliers made.

Christopher Addison
Malco Eagle Grip Locking Pliers

Love these Malco Eagle Grip Locking Pliers and the price & service from Epstein can’t be beat. Thank you