Vaughan 2nd / Grayvik 14" USA Bearclaw Bar (90204)

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This is a Vaughan Factory 2nd labeled Grayvik. There may be small blemishes that do not effect the overall performance of the tool.///brand_for_product_detail=Grayvik,close_out=Yes,companydescription=Grayvik - Made in the USA,condition=New,condition_google=new,cost=2.680000,countrymade=Made in the USA,country_flag=no_selection,featured=0,flag=no_selection,gtin_google=051218902044,identifier_exists=0,instock=in stock,is_recurring=0,madeby=Yes,manufacture_country=United States,product_image_size=Default,product_page_type=Default,square_product_image=,store_price=8.500000,sw_featured=No,sync_update_msg=Modified in Magento by harryepstein on 13/02/2018,url_path=14-grayvik-bearclaw-bar,warehouse=03 03 L 02, 03 04 R 02

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Gene St Louis
Great value, get them while you can

I ordered 7 Vaughan seconds/ Grayvik pry bars, one of each type offered by Epstein’s. With Vaughan shutting down, I decided to get them while I can. After examining each in detail, I’m wondering why these were “dumped” as blemished. They look just fine to me. Unfortunately, all Vaughan tools have already disappeared from my local stores so cannot compare them to off-the-shelf equivalents. As basic demolition tools, they are going to be scratched and scuffed up in short order anyway. Take advantage of the savings on these while you can


A good, USA made Bearclaw bar for a very good price.
Appear well made and has worked well - strong & robust