8" C-Clamp Eagle Grip Malco Locking Pliers (LP8C)

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Eagle Grip 8″ Locking C-Clamps deliver versatility and long-term toughness, bringing best-in-class performance to all clamping jobs. By combining unparalleled clamping force and a tighter joint to reduce movement, the wide opening of the jaws and the small gripping face allow for easy clamping of a broad variety of shapes and applications, and stays adjusted for repetitive use.

Forged from premium American steel in the heartland of DeWitt, Nebraska, Eagle Grip Locking Tools are constructed for unmatched strength and reliability, and are hands-down some of the strongest, toughest locking handle tools on the market. We’ve designed this tool to exceed the highest industry standard for quality, and in our testing, Eagle Grip Locking C-Clamps outperformed the competition on every measure.

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Customer Reviews

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David McClain
Amazing American Quality!

These clamps are amazing works of art. Excellent American made quality!

Brent Gillham
Eagle grip

Vary well made

Great Quality USA Made

Shame Malco pulled the plug but they are super high quality.
But thanks to HJE for getting and selling them for great price.