Dubuque 60" (USA) Aluminum Bar Clamp (UC960)

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Made in United States

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  • Made in USA by the Dubuque Clamp Company
  • Lghtweight, extremely rigid, and easy to adjust. 
  • Strong extruded bars measure 1-3/8" x 7/8" and have side walls nearly 1/8" thick. 
  • Moveable head has a spring clutch for fast adjustment on the notched bar, and the fixed head has a 1/2" diameter Acme-threaded screw for final tightening, with a large, easy-to-turn wing knob. 
  • 1000 lb load rating.


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Customer Reviews

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Dale janson
USA made excellent clamp

I have smaller sizes of the same clamp. I love how light they are and extremely easy to use. Have not used the 60” clamp yet.

Robert Smith
Looking for ridged bar clamps

I recently purchase the Dubuque 60" Aluminum Bar Clamps. In the past I have struggled with edge jointed wood planks puckering up (or down) when pressure is applied with a bar clamp. I just received these clamps and they appear sturdy and did not flex much when tested with my hands and arms. The screw may just require some lubrication, as I have to hold the clamp with both hands to keep it from flipping over when the screw is turned. Otherwise it is as expected, light weight and reasonably ridged. I am looking forward to testing it on my next project to see if it bends under stress.

Any plans to make a an even sturdier unit? With a heavier aluminum bar?