Channellock #E338 XLT E-Series 8" Diagonal Cutting Pliers (E338)

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E338 XLT E-Series 8" Diagonal Cutting Pliers.

Xtreme High Leverage technology means considerably less force required to cut.

Strong lap joint construction.

Durable, diagonal cutting edge design that easily cuts hard and soft wire.

Knife and anvil cutting edges ensure proper cutting alignment.

Forged from American high-carbon C1080 steel for legendary durability.

Laser heat-treated cutting edges for durability.

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Jim Kroger
Best tool source in the United States. Great attitudes and honest prices. Or you can pay double a...

I need to replace this tool. On Amazon it was $41. At this company it was $22 + $6 shipping. I will buy all my tools from this great company who has a high respect for their customers. The American way. Bernie Sanders for president.