Knoxville Double Palm Gauntlet Ironworkers Gloves (XL) (679-XL)

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Aron Niskanen
Knoxville Double Palm Gauntlet Ironworkers

My favorite ironworking gloves. The gloves are the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to gloves. You can make up bolts, weld, and do general tasks with these gloves. The double palm will also extend the life or the glove (sometimes) and can prevent your hands from getting cut (I wouldn't rely on it all of the time though).
That being said, unless your gloves fit perfectly you will have trouble picking up washers (I haven't found many cotton gloves that do it much better). Lastly, you can make some tacks and moderate to medium duty welding tasks... but do not wear these gloves when welding galvanized iron. You'll go through a pair of gloves a day.