Palmgren C Clamp 0-2" Regular Duty - Deep Throat 2200 lbs (9629112)

Made in Taiwan

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Thoat Depth 2 in
Spindle Diameter 9/16 in
Clamp Pressure 2200 lb

Palmgren’s high tech line of C-clamps gives you performance and features in C-clamps that count.

Built from state-of-the-art research, computer aided design, and new all steel spring tempered frame geometry – coupled with an advanced heat treating process creates C-clamps that provide a secure and accurate hold. Palmgren’s all steel clamps are cost effective, versatile, durable and long lasting.

  • High strength
  • Lower weight
  • Greater throat depth
  • Lifetime guarantee against breakage
  • Innovative spring tempered steel frames with square throat design. The clamp opening matches the throat depth.
  • Black-oxide plated spindles that resist wear and tear while impeding rust
  • Through hardened steel spindles provide greater loading capabilities and longer service life
  • Bodies have a nickel and chrome plated finish
  • Replaceable swivel pads
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