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PEC 6" 4R double square-#2 cosmetic blemish (7105-406)

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PEC 6" 4R double square-#2 cosmetic blemish (7104-404)


  • Idea for Precision Layout Work
  • Used Either as a Parallel or Double Square
  • All Blades Fully Hardened and Tempered
  • High Contrast, Micro-Fine Blade Graduations
  • Durable, Easy to Read Satin Chrome Finished Blades

Graduation Style

  • 4R: 8ths & 16ths, 32nds & 64ths
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dean Tener
Small, but mighty

I find myself using this little square fairly frequently. It's small, but very handy. For example, this morning I located a series of screw holes 3/8" from an edge - the PEC 6" double square worked perfect at marking the 3/8" inset. I could have used a 12" or 18" square, but it gets clumsy with a long blade waving around.

Lewis M. Phelps
A great value on an excellent tool

This is a very well made precision instrument. The blade is straight and hard, the mechanism locks the blade at a true 90.0°, the numbering on the blades is clear and sharp. The “cosmetic blemish” is a slight ding on the blade, apparently caused by an abrasive grinder tool, which in no way affects the accuracy of the tool, just a slight diminution of its esthetic value. For the money, a great value!

Douglas OBrien
Great Value!

Love this little square. Works great, great price, and most importantly, it is square!